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Who should partner? is seeking strategic partnerships that can enhance its mission of providing affordable housing assistance to single parents enrolled in or who have completed college. The ideal partners for include:

  • Property Managers: Partnering with property managers is vital for to increase property occupancy rates. Property managers can benefit from a steady stream of qualified tenants who are single parents seeking stable and affordable housing solutions. This partnership not only supports community development but also ensures that properties are filled with residents who have a genuine need for housing and are supported by’s network of resources.
  • Financial Institutions: Collaboration with financial institutions is crucial to offer tailored banking solutions to members. These solutions can include specialized savings accounts, loan programs, or financial literacy resources designed to support single parents in achieving financial stability and independence. Such partnerships can help members manage their finances more effectively, contributing to their long-term success and stability.
  • Educational Partners: Educational institutions and organizations can provide valuable opportunities for members. These partners can offer access to educational programs, scholarships, or training opportunities tailored to single parents looking to advance their careers or complete their education. By collaborating with educational partners, can support its members in achieving their academic and professional goals, thereby enhancing their overall well-being and economic security.

These strategic partnerships are fundamental to expanding the range of services and support offers to its members, ultimately contributing to their success and the fulfillment of the organization’s mission.

What we’re looking for

We’re searching for partners who share our vision of crafting solutions through affordable housing. Ideal collaborators are those who believe in making a meaningful impact, supporting single parents by enhancing their living conditions. Together, we aim to create a stable foundation for families through innovative housing opportunities.

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