Affordable Housing nonprofit

Mission Explained

HubHousing is committed to empowering single parents through affordable, quality housing solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach addresses the housing crisis, aiming to provide stability and a pathway to home ownership for over 10 million families.

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Our mission

To rethink how communities are built, by empowering people first.

Affordable Housing Plan

Innovative Housing Solution

Mixed Income Approach

Providing transitional housing to single parents who are invested in their education.

Financial Management Component

Partnered with local financial institutions to educate our members.

Education Focused

Must be a single parent who is currently enrolled or completed college / tradeschool.

Why our affordable housing program works

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Growth Strategy

Built to scale with current affordable housing infrastructure.

Problem Focused

Focused on empowering those who can make the most impact.

Member Support

Our model emphasizes supporting members and partners via membership.

Changing the way we think about affordable housing

HUB Housing has used interdisciplinary research to identify specific pain points in a focus group of single parents.