Rental assistance with a purpose

Providing transitional housing assistance for single parents who are currently enrolled in college or have completed an accredited degree. 

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One easy application

Must be enrolled in or completed college

Rent reduction up to 3 years

Transitional housing to home ownership

Financial guidance & savings

Road to financial freedom starts here

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Affordable housing program for

Single mothers and fathers in education

Based on the US Census data, having a college degree raises the likelihood of owning a home by 67%. Our cost-effective housing initiatives are centered on supporting single parents who are pursuing education to better their lives. We aim to decrease their rental expenses as they work towards enhancing their living conditions.

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Single Parents in US

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Have a college degree


Our focus

Empowering single parents to flourish despite uncertain living environments. Tackling the affordable housing dilemma through cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research.

Rental Assistance

We reduce qualified members’ rent for up to three years while they pursue home ownership. 


By joining HUB Housing, you embark on a lifelong mission to help single parents prosper for the benefit of future generations.


We are seeking university and trade school scholarship partners. To further our mission in support of education and self-improvement. 

Savings program

Supporting single parents in navigating unstable financial situations. Addressing the affordable housing crisis through groundbreaking interdisciplinary studies.

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"Finally, I can breathe easy and plan for my child's future."

Single parents face unique challenges

We make quality homes affordable for them.

how it works

Join our national waitlist

HUB Housing is a newly established non-profit organization actively searching for financial support and collaborators across the United States. Application processing will follow a first-come, first-served approach. 

Housing Application

Must meet minimum qualifications. All other applications are automatically denied. 

Waitlist & Review

Each application will be reviewed by caseworkers. Wait times can be extensive, depending on region. 

Three year commitment

Up to three years of rent aid, followed by a joyful transition to home ownership options.


What our client says?

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To make a meaningful impact on over 10 million single-parent families, our multidisciplinary method for solving the affordable housing shortage calls for significant financial investment.