An affordable housing
solution that works.

Revolutionizing the way banks and reality companies fund affordable housing

As a nonprofit, we work with large and small organizations that want to support social change. Through these corporate responsible companies, we secure funds to reduce rent for single parents. 

Turning great ambitions into reality

Helping single parents who have graduated or are currently enrolled in college. 

Innovation Driving social progress

A process that sends resources directly to the crisis. Subsidizing rent for single parents.

Rethinking Affordable Housing Solutions

Mobilizing capital through strategic partnerships

Our interdisciplinary research has identified assisting single parents with an education to be the best course of action to curve the affordable housing crisis. 


Tax-deductible, donations directly support single parents. 

Funds Secured

We work with financial institutions to secure funds. 

Rental Assistance

Funds are sent directly to property managers and landlords.

Single parents seeking rental assistance

Are you currently enrolled in college or a trade school? You may qualify for rental assistance.

Work better, together

Apartment complexes need to fill vacant units.  Single parents are looking for great communities to raise their children.  Together we can close the gap and fulfill both these needs. 


Single parents

Find out how you can assist in the affordable housing movement. This crisis requires the energy of everyone involved. 


Property Managers

Learn how your property could reduce fixed costs and increase your bottom line. We guarantee income year-round. 



Sending qualified tenants to properties. Giving single parents a new outlook on life. 


We are on a mission to redefine how affordable housing is provided.

Rethinking how communities are built, by empowering people first. We see a future where affordable housing is accessible to everyone. 

Better Afforable Housing Options Starts Here